6 Oct

I will talk anyone to death about how Twitter has transformed my teaching. Even I find it difficult to comprehend sometimes just how much I’ve gained from seeing the posts of some truly inspirational teachers. One thing that I stumbled across last year was @learningspy‘s use of DIRT for marking and feedback. I can honestly say it has transformed the way I mark and there has been a marked improvement in both the QUALITY and the FREQUENCY of the feedback I give to pupils. I am very grateful to David for sharing this and you can read more about DIRT here.

I have taken this one step further and produced a quick PowerPoint which looks at the ‘reflection’ part of DIRT. I ask a pupil to choose a number between 1-8 and they click on the mud splat that corresponds to that number. This takes them to a new slide which gives the whole class instructions to do and a question to answer. By having different numbers and getting pupils to choose the number it gives them a sense of ownership over the task and hopefully avoids that ‘oh great we have to do DIRT again’ boredom that could set in.

The great thing is that you can easily change the question if you want or tweak questions for certain classes. If you wanted to narrow it down to 4 questions for a particular class then you can just ask pupils to choose between four numbers.

Let me know if you use it or have any thoughts on how I could improve it.

Here is the PowerPoint:



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